Information about Grow It Local Marketplace


Grow It Local is our home, this is our local market. 

A community led marketplace brought to you by Grow It Local and powered by our community of trusted Aussie growers. It's the next step in inspiring folks to begin growing, sharing and eating locally grown foods. 

For experienced growers and artisans, it provides a new way to share what you have and what you know and even make money doing it. Whether selling your homegrown produce or products, growing herbs for a nearby restaurant, or running an event or workshop. Set a price for your listings or post them as free.

For new growers and enthusiasts, it provides a means to connect, learn and exchange with a passionate community of growers and makers. You might find a backyard composting class or pickling 101 workshop, access unused space in which to grow food or engage a local grower to grow produce for you. 

Grow It Local Marketplace brings people together and facilitates all processes in between. The opportunities are endless!

Jump right in and be a part of something big this November with Grow It Local Festival! It's a celebration of knowledge and skill sharing, crowdfarming and other community-led experiences rooted in growing, sharing and eating locally grown foods. Host an event to share your expertise, make money, fundraise and help inspire the next generation of growers. 

For more info, see our Guide to Grow It Local Festival
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